Sauve Hot Sauce

A gentle little girl with a whole lot of flavour, small amounts of garlic make her perfect for all meals and all occasions.

  Ingredients: Fresh chilli (45%), fresh garlic (5%), distilled vinegar, spices (coriander, paprika, salt, pepper), fresh oregano, xantham gum

  Allergens: None

Typical Nutritional InformationPer 100mlPer 15ml
Energy (kcal)7411.1
Protein (g)10.15
Glycaemic Carbs (g)3.40.51
   Of which is sugar (g)10.15
Total fat (g)00
 Of which is saturated (g)00
Dietary fibre* (g)1.70.25
Total sodium (mg)48272.3

*Method of analysis: A0AC98529


We make Munch Sauve Hot Sauce with only the finest ingredients and the most ancient preservation techniques from around the world. For this we use secret spices from traditional origins. Blending and masterfully brewing this rich, tangy, healthy sauce with no preservatives, artificial flavors, sugar, or oils. Thus giving you the traditional heartbeat of the Portuguese nation.

We let the chili and spices cold ferment for at least 14 days. During this time the flavors develop and the spices infuse to give a rich, tangy brew called Pimenta Fermentada. We then slow-boil it over many hours with carefully selected vinegar to give you the full, spicy flavor of Munch Sauve Hot Sauce. 

Chili peppers (Capsicum annuum) are the fruits of Capsicum pepper plants, notable for their hot flavor. They are members of the nightshade family, related to bell peppers and tomatoes. Many varieties of chili peppers exist, such as cayenne and jalapeño. Chili peppers are primarily used as a spice and can be cooked or dried and powdered. Powdered, red chili peppers are known as paprika. Capsaicin is the main bioactive plant compound in chili peppers, responsible for their unique, pungent taste and many of their health benefits.

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