Get Your Body Ready for Summer With Our Ready Meals

It is very common to gain some weight during the cold winter months. When it is cold, comfort foods provide extra comfort, we are more likely to pack away our running shoes in exchange for blankets that keep us warm while sitting on the couch, and waking up at 05:00 in the morning to exercise before work usually becomes a laughing matter. So yes, it is safe to say that living a healthy lifestyle is a little harder than usual. Add the stress of lockdown and you may have added even a few kilos more than your usual winter weight.

While multiple layers of winter clothing make it easy for us to hide from the extra layers of fat that have appeared as a result of our winter indulgences, the cold weather will end soon enough…and as the many layers of winter clothing are taken off, you will be forced to face the hard fats.

But you can reduce your disappointment and start preparing your body for your summer wardrobe by trading in your unhealthy comfort foods for healthy and equally delicious ready meals. You can leverage your winter laziness and choose a weight loss strategy that requires very little time in the kitchen by ordering delicious ready meals from us at MUNCH MEASURED MEALS. You do not need to cook. You do not need to chop a single vegetable. You can just heat up your ready meal when it is time to eat and enjoy!

It is best to switch to a healthier diet as easy as possible. With this approach to weight loss, starting is incredibly easy and you can start from the comfort of your couch. The first steps are actually quite fun. Simply do some online shopping by browsing through our website and then choose the meal plan and meals that match your goals and your food cravings.

Once you have done this, carry on enjoying your life while we prepare your meals. You can also use this time to mentally prepare yourself for the diet transition by ridding your home of all unhealthy treats. So, by the time your ready meals have arrived, it will be easier for you to switch over and start your healthy diet.

How Our Ready Meals Help With Weight Loss

There are many factors involved when it comes to weight loss, such as getting enough sleep, exercising, changing what you eat, changing how much you eat, and changing how you prepare your food. We take care of a few of them for you, such as calorie and macronutrient counting. In order to lose weight, it is important to eat fewer calories than you burn. All our meals are worked out according to the right macronutrient ratios and number of calories for your goals, and you can use our calorie test to help you establish how much you need to eat in a day.

We hope you are ready to shed those extra layers of fat and reveal a healthier you.

Shape Up with Healthy Ready-Made Meals and Join Our Challenge

Are you ready to take on the ultimate body transformation challenge? You may have started the year with the goal of building muscle and/or losing fat to get the body that you have been dreaming of, but then lockdown happened and all that planning went straight out the window. But you know that there is a lot of potential under those layers of extra fat and you are ready to unveil it…if you can only get the right diet that suits your lifestyle. With so many diet and fitness programmes out there that promise tremendous results, it can be hard to choose one. But maybe what you rather need is to join a body transformation challenge specifically set up by those who have your best interest and time in mind.

Our Shape Up Challenge is an exciting challenge that we have launched at MUNCH MEASURED MEALS. The challenge started on 1 June 2020 and will run until 31 May 2021.

So, What Does Our Shape Up Challenge Entail?

Well, to take part in the Shape Up Challenge, you must select three consecutive months within the challenge period and follow the following steps:

  • Step 1: Register on our website.
  • Step 2: Take the calorie test and subtract 700 from your total.
  • Step 3: Consult our daily calorie intake table to see our meal plan recommendations.
  • Step 4: Buy 32 healthy ready-made meals or more for each month in your 3-month challenge period.
  • Step 5: Write about your progress on a weekly basis and complete your Shape Up posts.
  • Step 6: Post a picture of what you look like at the beginning of the challenge in front of a white background. Men must take their “before” photos without wearing a shirt, while women must pose for their photos while wearing a bikini. The photo must also include a newspaper published on the same day that the picture was taken.

Usually, taking on a 3-month challenge can be pretty daunting. You might expect to spend hours counting macronutrients and calories, preparing healthy meals in the kitchen, and working out at home or at the gym. You can make things a lot easier for yourself and save a lot of time by leaving the calculations and meal prepping to us.

All you have to do is select the ready-made meals and meal plan you want based on your calorie goals. We will then prepare and deliver all your healthy ready-made meals for the challenge to your home or office. You do not have to prep your food. You do not have to cook. All you have to do is heat it up and enjoy.

“I don’t have the time to exercise” or “I don’t have the time to cook healthy meals” are no longer excuses you can use because our healthy ready-made meals, all you have to do is your workouts. Getting in shape can be a lot easier if you get help from those who care about your success. Shape up with our help at MUNCH MEASURED MEALS.

Healthy Meals Delivered

Healthy Meals Delivered

Should You Have Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Home?


We live in a time where convenience is everything. Instead of having to go to the bank to transfer money, we can conveniently do it within minutes on our phones with Internet banking. Instead of having to drive to the grocery store, we can order your groceries online and have them delivered to our homes. It is no longer necessary for people to spend hours cooking because we can have our cooked meals delivered to our offices and homes.


Over the last few years, meal-delivery services have become very popular, and with good reason. By having our healthy meals delivered, we can spend our valuable and already limited time on more important things, such as work, spending time with our families, and doing things that we enjoy doing like reading, playing a sport, and watching great movies.


Healthy Delivered Meals Are Perfect For:


·         Those who don’t have time: By having healthy meals delivered to our homes and places of work, we no longer have to spend hours preparing food and then another hour cleaning up after. When we get hungry, we can simply take out one of the healthy dishes that we had delivered, heat it up, and enjoy it.


·         People who live alone: Meal-delivery services work especially well for those who live alone and do not see the point in only cooking for one person. Widows, widowers, divorcees, career-focused single individuals, and parents whose children have recently left the nest are among the people who this type of service is ideal for.


·         Those who don’t know how to cook: Having healthy meals delivered to your home or work is also a great option for those who want to switch to a healthier lifestyle but who are not exactly sure how to cook healthy dishes and simply do not have the time to learn or to cook or the interest in doing so. Gone are the days where people who never learned how to cook had to live on sliced bread with jam, sugary cereal, instant noodles, and fast food. 


·         Those who can cook but don’t want to: Unless you are trying to make elaborate dishes like Heston Blumenthal, cooking is not exactly rocket science. But even if you do know how to cook, it might not necessarily be your favourite thing to do. If you know how to use your oven but you would rather use it as storage space and order food instead, you can make use of a meal delivery service to supply your meals and spend your valuable time doing more enjoyable activities.


·         For the busy student: Parents who have children who recently moved away and started studying might be worried about whether or not their children are eating nutritious meals or if they are eating at all. Between classes, projects, studying for exams, and writing exams, they might forget to take care of themselves. Getting healthy meals delivered is an easy solution for parents who want to take care of their children but are not there to do so. With the services we offer, parents can order healthy ready meals online, and we will deliver them to your children.


If you feel like the services that we offer can make your life a lot easier, have a look at our delicious meals and meal plans that we have available and place your order.

Prepared Meals

Prepared Meals

How Prepared Meals Can Help with Your Weight-Loss Goals


Have you heard about the Freshman 15? It’s where students who go to University for the first time and end up gaining some extra pounds. Well, this year, many people have gained the Covid-19 and perhaps, more importantly, are eager to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to boost their immune systems.


With a lot more time spent at home eating out of boredom or eating because of stress, many of us have come out of the nationwide lockdown wanting to shed some extra weight and ensure we’re eating nourishing meals.


If you are interested in losing weight after lockdown and enhancing your health, you might be unsure of what you should do. There are a lot of diets and diet tips out there that you can try and this can be overwhelming at first. The key is to make your weight-loss approach as easy and sustainable as possible. You do not want to wait until each meal to decide what you are going to eat in order to support your weight-loss goals, and you probably don’t want to spend hours and hours shopping for food, preparing your meals, and measuring out the correct portion sizes. Ordering prepared meals from a company with sound nutritional knowledge can help.


Choose Us for Delicious, Calorie-Controlled Prepared Dishes


The best weight-loss diet is one that is easy for you to follow and that you can sustain. It is one where you can eat prepared meals that you enjoy every day and where you do not have to overthink each step of the process. At MUNCH MEASURED MEALS, we offer prepared meals for those who want to eat healthily and lose weight. Each meal is calorie and portion-controlled, and they are even worked out according to the ideal macronutrient ratios.


Calculating your calories and your macronutrient ratios (meaning the ratio of protein, carbohydrates, and fat) can be tedious, and many people end up giving up on their diets because they are tired of doing so much math. Not only do we take care of the math for you, but we also take care of the food shopping, preparation, and portion control too. All you have to do is choose your plan or prepared meals on our website, wait for your delivery to arrive, and when it is time to eat, you can just heat up your food and enjoy it.


We take the guesswork out of healthy eating and take care of the diet side of things so that you can focus on other elements of living a healthy lifestyle, such as getting enough sleep, reducing stress, and getting enough exercise. A lot of people do not realise how important stress management is when it comes to weight loss, so if you are constantly stressing about what to eat and you are stressed because you are trying to juggle work, time with your family, exercise, and preparing meals, the stress can end up making it hard for you to achieve your goals. That is why the best diet and weight loss approach is one where you have the least amount of stress. Getting prepared meals delivered to your door from us at MUNCH MEASURED MEALS is one of the best low- stress weight loss solutions you will find!

Cooked Meals Delivered

Cooked Meals Delivered

Enter the Modern Era and Get Cooked Meals Delivered to Your Home


Not a fan of cooking? That’s no longer a problem. Luckily, being able to cook meals is no longer a requirement. Back in the day, it was important to be able to cook in order to look after your family. Women, especially, were trained to run their households, cook food, and make clothes, while the men went to work. Nowadays, women are just as present in the workforce, and there are not as many two-parent households with only one breadwinner. Both partners are likely working full time, and after a busy day in the office, many understandably don’t have the energy to cook a healthy and nourishing meal.


People across the world are choosing to focus on building other skills as they can get their cooked food from restaurants and meal-delivery services. Nowadays, there is an abundance of companies that offer cooked meals for delivery. Here at MUNCH MEASURED MEALS, we’re one such company.


While many articles and health advocates will claim that if you want to follow a healthy diet, you need to learn how to cook your own food as it makes eating healthily a lot easier. We disagree.


The Benefits of Healthy Delivered Meals


You don’t need to learn how to make healthy cooked meals if you want to improve your health, you just need to find the right company that can provide you with the healthy cooked meals delivered to your home or place of work. Getting cooked meals delivered to your house is definitely far easier than learning how to cook if you have never learned before. 


Even if you do know how to cook healthy dishes, there is a chance that you don’t have the time between working full time, taking care of your family, and taking some time to relax. Perhaps you have been trying to balance work, maintaining your clean house, taking care of the kids, spending time with your partner, shopping for groceries, making cooked meals for the family, exercising regularly, and seeing friends and family, and in doing so, have not been able to fully relax in years because you are always busy.


We can help you take some things off your plate by taking care of what is on your plate. If you get cooked meals delivered to your home by us, you will not have to spend time coming up with healthy meal ideas, going grocery shopping, cooking, or cleaning the appliances used in the cooking process.


You do not have to tend to a chaotic kitchen and can cut your dishes by at least half when you get healthy food delivered. Simply heat them up and enjoy. We further help with the cleaning process by making food so delicious that you will want to lick your plate clean.


You can easily save two or three hours a day when you get healthy cooked food delivered to your home. Your time is valuable, and it is important that you find some time to take care of yourself. Customers can choose from our delicious selection of ready-meals and opt for an 8-dish box, a 16-dish box, or a 32-dish box. Recipes are well-balanced and contain generous servings of protein, vegetables, and carbs.


Instead of spending 30 minutes chopping vegetables, you can watch your favourite show, take a relaxing bath, play with your kids, read a book, or do whatever your heart desires. We will take care of the cooking, and it will be delivered to your door.

Ready Made Meals Pretoria

Ready Made Meals Pretoria

Order Healthy Ready-Made Meals in Pretoria 


Time is one of the most valuable things that we have. Many people lead busy lifestyles and don’t always have enough time in the day to cook their healthy meals or plan a menu for the week. As a quick solution, many in Pretoria and its surrounds opt to eat at restaurants or get fast food delivered to their door. While this might be convenient, it doesn’t always align with health goals, and nothing compares to the nutritional benefits of home cooking. If you’re in the Pretoria vicinity, we have the solution for you.


Many had to adjust their lifestyles when the nationwide lockdown was put in place and we were not able to go to restaurants and get fast food delivered as we once did. As such, many once again experienced the benefits of healthier eating. Perhaps, since you were forced to stay home, you finally started making your own healthy recipes and have been experiencing the many benefits of homecooked, fresh food. However, with the restrictions lifting and society slowly returning to an unrestricted state, you might be unsure of how you are going to maintain your new healthy diet now that you will not be spending as much at home where you can control and cook all of your food.


The Benefits of Ready-Made Healthy Food


There is an easy solution if you’re in Pretoria, however, and that is getting pre-made healthy meals from us. With the services that we offer, you can get healthy ready-made meals delivered to your door in Pretoria. Instead of spending precious hours deciding what to make for dinner or where to order from, you can order all your healthy meals for the week or month on our website, which will end up saving you a lot of time and trips to the grocery store.


You will not have to waste time every day trying to decide what to eat in order to support your health goals, preparing food, or measuring out the correct portion sizes. You can just take one of your pre-made meals that we have delivered to your home or office in Pretoria, heat it up, and enjoy.


Our ready-made meal options are already portion controlled and you can choose what dishes you want based on your taste preferences and health goals. So, why should you choose our ready-made meals instead of just buying the ones that you get at the supermarket?


We care about the wellbeing of our customers and want to provide meals that are good for them. Therefore, we provide ready-made recipes that take the guesswork out of healthy eating and make life easier for our customers to reach their goals. If you are set on ordering healthy ready-made meals, however, and if you have specific health goals that you would like to reach, the decision should be easy. Choose a company that prides itself on providing healthy alternatives to individuals and families in Pretoria. Choose MUNCH MEASURED MEALS and invest in yourself today.

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