Up until now, healthy eating may have seemed like something that requires a lot of time and effort. And let us face it, many of us do not have the luxury of time to spend hours creating balanced meals every day given our busy work schedules. We do not necessarily have the drive to go through the extensive effort of sourcing the right ingredients and preparing food in the little time we have to ourselves. So, takeaways are often the only answer when searching for a quick, convenient, and satisfying pre-made meal. Or so you thought…

Get A Taste of The Pre-Made MUNCH MEASURED MEALS

To maintain our health, energy, and desired weight, our bodies need a balanced diet. That sounds simple enough, but then you realise that includes thinking about additives and preservatives… Checking the fat-to-protein rations… The quality of the carbs you eat… It can be quite a commitment.

We get that everyday challenges and responsibilities often leave very little time to put in all of this effort. This is why we have done the work for you, so that you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle while spending your time on the things that deserve your attention.

All products used in our food are locally sourced and sustainably farmed. With our pre-made meals, what you see is what you get. We have tailored our meals according to protein and carb net weights, so you can easily plan your mealtimes around your training times or when you need the nutrients the most. On top of meeting your health and nutrition requirements, we also believe in great tasting food.

Because we all live very different lifestyles and have different needs and goals, the pre-made meals are made to fit different categories. These are available as either fixed meal selections or you can order according to your own specific needs. They include:

  • Signature Meals: Gourmet, clean, healthy eating. All meals in this category are weighed and measured to 25 g protein, 35 g carbs, and less than 15 g fat with 375 calories.
  • Muscle Meal: High protein and high carb for rapid muscle growth and post-workout nutrition. All meals in this category are weighed and measured to 50 g protein, 50 g carbs, and less than 14 g fat with 520 calories.
  • Lean Gains: For lean muscle growth and steady fat loss. All meals in this category are weighed and measured to 40 g protein, 20 g carbs, and less than 12 g fat with 350 calories.
  • Super Shred: Low-carb pre-made meals for rapid fat loss. All dishes in this category are weighed and measured to 30 g protein, 5 g carbs, and less than 10 g fat with 230 calories.

All our pre-made dishes are prepared fresh in a HACCP certified kitchen and plated in a 100% microwave-safe food container and machine sealed to retain freshness. What is more, you can conveniently order it online and we will deliver it to your home or office in any of the major metros in South Africa.

Save time and order your quick and healthy pre-made dishes immediately. It is simple, convenient, fresh, and affordable.

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