Diets have become a part of modern life. Every day, you hear about new diet fads, eating plans, and miracle elixirs to help you lose those extra few kilos and get into the best shape of your life. And yet, very few of these ever work or are at last sustainable as part of a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention the fact that just the mere thought of weight loss meals conjures up images of eating lettuce leaves and starving yourself. Let us face it: nobody wants that.

The truth is that not only is it not necessary to starve yourself but skipping meals or eating insufficient amounts of food is also not a sustainable nor healthy way to achieve weight loss. The science behind it is simple – if you want to get rid of those extra few kilos that seem to have accumulated during lockdown, you simply need to consume fewer calories than what your body uses in a day. This calorie deficit will prompt your body to start burning excess fat as fuel.

Now, a calorie deficit still does not mean you have to starve yourself. In fact, at Much Measured Meals, we firmly believe that weight loss meals do not have to be tasteless and leave you feeling hungry. They just need to be smart to help you achieve your goals. And we have done that for you.

Because we realise that not everybody has the time to research and plan their exact calorie intake every day, while also navigating work, a family, and making time for relaxation and rest, we have done the legwork for you. In addition to carefully controlling the calories, so that you have full control over your intake, we also take great care to make sure that our weight loss meals are made from locally sourced products, so that you receive food that packs a nutritious punch.

To further ensure that you get only the best in terms of healthy food, we can also promise you that none of our weight loss meals contain any added preservatives, artificial flavouring, or artificial colourants. Each meal is typically gluten and dairy free, unless specifically otherwise stated. We also do not add any sodium, sugar, or fat during the cooking process, so you know you are getting healthy, clean food that tastes great, naturally.

The care we put into the preparation of our weight loss meals does not end there. We go to great lengths to ensure that our food preparation and delivery processes result in food that arrives on your table fresh from our kitchen. Each meal passes through rigorous food and safety inspection tests and is prepared fresh in a HACCP certified kitchen to guarantee the safest cooking process in the industry. Each meal is then plated in a 100% microwave-safe food container and machine sealed to retain freshness and delivered in a recyclable double corrugated box with dry ice.

Depending on your personal goals, we offer a range of options to support both weight loss and muscle gain. What is more, we deliver to all major cities, so you can start eating healthy wherever you are in South Africa. Visit our online shop right away to view our menus and place your order.

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