If you do not particularly like cooking, life under lockdown has probably not been too kind to you. Sure, there are takeaway delivery services, but the appeal of junk food soon wears off. Also, your clothes tend to “shrink” very quickly when you live on a diet of fast food only. If this seems all too real to you – or if you are simply looking for a convenient way to maintain a healthy eating regime and bodyweight – you can always consider signing up to a ready-made meal delivery in Pretoria.

Sounds like a good idea? Great! But which meal delivery service in Pretoria to choose? You do not want to end up with poor quality food or simply more junk food, this time just prepared by someone in their kitchen. In fact, you want something that you can trust, both in terms of nutrition and health and safety.

We present to you our services. Here are the top reasons why you should choose us as your meal delivery partner in Pretoria:

  1. We Only Use Fresh Ingredients
    We take good food seriously. All of our products are locally sourced and sustainably farmed, and we do not add any preservatives, artificial colourants or flavouring, or any additional sugar or fat. It is purely good, delicious food.
  1. Clean Eating Has Never Been This Easy
    Aside from us avoiding additives, we also stick to quality carbs and tailor our meals according to protein and carb net weights, so you can easily plan your meals around your training times or when you need the nutrients the most.
  1. We Take Health and Safety Seriously
    All our dishes pass through rigorous food and safety inspection tests and are prepared fresh daily in our HACCP certified kitchen, ensuring that the food you receive is the result of the safest cooking process in the industry.
  1. Fresh from Our Kitchen to You
    Our commitment to health and safety extends beyond our kitchen to encompass our entire meal delivery process in Pretoria. All dishes are machine sealed to retain freshness and delivered in a recyclable double corrugated box with dry ice to make sure your food remains in optimal condition.
  1. Ready to Heat and Eat
    For your ultimate convenience, we plate all our meals in a 100% microwave-safe food container, so that you can simply whip it out and heat it up as is when you need it.
  1. Choose A Fixed Combo or Select Your Own Meals
    Stick to the fixed menu for quick and easy healthy eating that requires absolutely no effort from you or choose your own combination of meals to meet your own, unique dietary requirements.
  1. We Will Bring Your Food Right to Your Door
    Whether you want to receive your meal delivery at home or dropped at your office in Pretoria, we will bring it right to where you are.

With so many benefits, there is absolutely no question: we should be your top choice when it comes to food delivery services in Pretoria. Go to our online shop right away to check out our mouthwatering menus and great deals.

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