Building muscle is an exciting endeavour but it is not exactly an easy thing for the average person to do. It requires time, dedication, and the calculation of the right amount of protein, calories, and some carbohydrates. In the beginning, it can be fun to eat more calories and do muscle-building exercises like weightlifting and bodyweight workouts. After a while, though, calculating your calories and macronutrients, cooking a lot, and spending all that time preparing your food can become tedious.

Remember that it takes time to build muscle, so it is best to find a muscle-building strategy that is as easy to follow as possible. If you live in Pretoria, you will be happy to hear that we have the easiest solution for you.

At MUNCH MEASURED MEALS, we make building muscle a lot easier for our customers living in Pretoria. And how do we do this? Easy…

  1. We calculate your calories for you and have muscle-building meals with the ideal number of calories in each. You can use our calorie calculator to help you figure out how much you need to eat and choose your readymade meals according to the information
  2. You also do not need to calculate your macronutrient ratios because we do that too! You can rest assured that each meal contains enough protein and carbohydrates to fuel your muscles for growth. Our Lean Gains ready-made meals consist of 40 g protein, 20 g carbs, and 12 g fat, and contain 350 calories each, while our Muscle Meal options contain 50 g protein, 50 g carbs, and 14 g fat, and provide 520 calories each.
  3. If you have a busy lifestyle and want to build muscle but are only able to squeeze in the time to fit in working out OR preparing and cooking your food but not both, you can order ready-made meals from us and spend your available time doing your muscle-building workouts.
  4. We deliver your ready-made meals to your home or office in Pretoria. You do not need to go grocery shopping or prepare your own food with our help. You can simply heat and eat.
  5. You can rest assured that your muscles are getting the best fuel possible because we only make our meals from ingredients that are locally sourced, farmed sustainably, free of preservatives and artificial flavourings, and free of sugar. We do not use any canned foods when making our meals and our food is gluten-free unless stated otherwise.
  6. You can order fixed meal boxes or individual meals. You can choose between meal boxes that contain 8, 16, or 32 meals.
  7. You do not have to eat the same boring dishes over and over again. With what we offer, you can have dishes like chimichurri fillet, Moroccan beef mince, venison meatballs, chicken curry, smoked salmon, beef lasagne, cottage pie, etc.

Achieving your body composition goals has never been more convenient. Browse our website to see what meal options we have available, place your order, wait for us to deliver your food to you in Pretoria, and start giving your muscles the right fuel for growth!

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