Thanks to the nationwide lockdown that was put in place because of the coronavirus pandemic, you have spent a lot more time at home than you are used to. This gave you the opportunity to clean out the garage, the linen cupboard, your closets, and the rest of the house, and to do all the filing and admin you have been putting off. Now that you have cleaned up everything else, though, do you feel like it is time to clean up your diet?

If you are a stress eater, chances are that your lockdown diet has not exactly been that clean. Perhaps you have been indulging more than you should and have gone up a clothing size or two. If your goals are to lose weight and switch to a clean diet, ordering from the right meal-delivery service can make life a lot easier.

Clean eating is not the act of avoiding foods that are contaminated with harmful pathogens. It is the act of avoiding processed foods that contain additives and preservatives, like junk food. Cleaning up your diet is not the easiest thing to do if you are used to eating processed junk foods on a regular basis. But where do you begin?

The first step is to learn exactly what foods are included and excluded in a clean-eating lifestyle. The next step is to order healthy ready meals from a delivery service that truly understands the value of clean eating and wants to make it easier for you to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Clean Eating

Clean eating doesn’t mean that you need to follow a boring diet and clean foods do not mean boring foods – you just have to choose well. The principles of this way of eating include:

  1. Choosing whole foods and eliminating processed foods, as already mentioned.
  2. Focusing on nutrient-dense foods and avoiding junk foods that contain empty calories. Empty calories are calories that you get from foods and beverages that do not offer any real nutritional value, such as candy, chips, ice cream, pastries, margarine, etc.
  3. Reading food labels to check for unhealthy ingredients, such as vegetable oils, added sugar, preservatives, etc.
  4. Avoiding liquid calories in the form of sodas, sugar-loaded coffee beverages, and alcohol.

The MUNCH Recipe for Clean Eating

We, MUNCH MEASURED MEALS, offer a meal-delivery service with a no-junk promise, because when you order from us, what you can expect is the following:

  • We only make our products using locally sourced and sustainably farmed ingredients.
  • There are no added preservatives in our food.
  • You will not find any added artificial flavouring or colourants in the food you order from us.
  • We do not add any sugar or use ingredients with added sugar.
  • We do not add any fat during the cooking process.
  • Our ready meals have no added sodium and come with low-sodium soy sauce.
  • Unless otherwise stated, our meals are gluten-free and only raw spices are used when cooking.
  • Our meals also do not contain any dairy, unless stated otherwise.
  • We do not use any canned food during preparation.

If you are looking for a delivery service to help make clean eating easy and convenient for you, choose MUNCH MEASURED MEALS. We have mastered the art of making clean eating delicious and nutritious.

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